Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Image shows Flareon swimming

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet participant discovers that water and hearth can typically combine in Paldea, capturing an uncommon picture of a swimming Flareon.

A fan of Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokemon scarlet and violet had an uncommon aquatic encounter with a Flareon, snapping a photograph of the Fireplace-type Pokemon seemingly swimming round mid-battle. Many gamers within the pair of open-world creature-capturing video games made positive their Pokemon have been able to battle earlier than Pokemon scarlet and violetThe Tandemaus Tera Raid Battle occasion takes place on Valentine’s Day.

Make its first look because the first releases of the franchise, in 1996 pokemon purple and blue, the Fireplace-type Pokemon Flareon is certainly one of many alternative evolutions of Eevee out there to gamers all through the long-running collection. Created by evolving an Eevee utilizing a Fireplace Stone, Flareon is certainly one of many basic Pokémon returning for trainers to seize or battle. Pokemon scarlet and violet. Since Fireplace-type Pokémon are notoriously weak towards Water, it is not every single day that gamers see the hot-blooded Flareon come out swimming.


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In a enjoyable collection of pictures shared on the r/PokemonScarletViolet subreddit, consumer TheCatGirl139 reveals her encounter with a floating Flareon in one of many Pokemon scarlet and violet‘s many our bodies of water. The screenshot reveals TheCatGirl139 engaged in battle with a high-level Flareon who, in an uncommon transfer for Fireplace-type Pokémon, sits half-submerged, seeming fully oblivious to the humid atmosphere. Citing the pictures as proof that the fiery Pokemon can swim, the put up caught the eye of followers of Eevee’s advanced kind.

Screenshot of a swimming Flareon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Some commenters responding to the weird screenshots identified that being weak towards Water-type Pokemon would not essentially imply Flareon should not be capable to swim, citing the truth that all different “Eeveelution” can swim. Different replies puzzled why the Fireplace-type Pokémon would seem in water, saying it may very well be the results of certainly one of a number of points in Pokemon scarlet and violet. Pondering again to the Pokemon anime, a Redditor replied that the present states that Fireplace Pokemon keep away from water as a result of it hurts them, which implies it may very well be a very painful swim for the floating Flareon.

Whether or not it was a glitch or simply the need for a shower that led to this explicit Pokemon floating round within the drink, these amusing screenshots are positive to place a smile on followers of the fiery Flareon. Simply to be secure, although, TheCatGirl139 would possibly need to hold his distance if he sees electrical evolution Eevee Jolteon bathing the subsequent time he hundreds the sport.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are actually out there for Nintendo Change.

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Supply: TheCatGirl139/Reddit

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