Final Fantasy: the fastest characters

Stats are an important a part of most RPGs, and Remaining Fantasy is not any completely different. Stats decide a personality’s talents and assist gamers decide which position every celebration member performs greatest.

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An important statistic in lots of Remaining Fantasy video games is pace, which is usually known as agility or dexterity. Pace ​​usually determines how shortly a personality’s flip comes, although it could additionally have an effect on different stats like Evasion. Listed below are a few of the quickest Remaining Fantasy sport characters with the very best pace stats.


8 Krile Mayer Baldesion – Remaining Fantasy 5

Statistics in Remaining Fantasy 5 are fairly distinctive: they don’t enhance at larger ranges, which signifies that a personality’s stats stay the identical from degree 1 to degree 99. The one method to enhance stats is by mastering duties, after which a personality will obtain a everlasting bonus to their stats. Since all characters can use the identical jobs, because of this most characters have the power to be the quickest character within the group.

Nonetheless, out of the sport’s 5 playable characters, Krile Mayer Baldesion has the very best base agility, which means she will attain the very best pace of any character. This makes Krile the quickest character within the sport along with his Agility of 28, though it isn’t a lot.

7 Balthier-Remaining Fantasy 12

FF12 Balthier

The sky pirate Balthier is the quickest character in Remaining Fantasy 12along with his pace capped at 38 when he reaches degree 99. Since pace determines how shortly the motion bar fills up Remaining Fantasy 12having excessive pace can provide Balthier the sting in tight conditions.

Pace ​​additionally will increase the injury of sure weapons, corresponding to bows, ninja swords, and daggers. It additionally determines the possibility for a personality to launch a counterattack if they’re able to this capability. If a participant needs to make use of such weapons or talents, Balthier might be the most suitable choice.

6 Irvine Kinneas – Remaining Fantasy 8

FF8 Irvine Kinneas

Remaining Fantasy 8 has a really distinctive system that does not depend on ranges to extend a personality’s stats. In consequence, a personality’s base stats normally do not change a lot simply by leveling up. This makes Irvine the quickest character within the sport with a pace of 39 at max degree.

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The easiest way to extend stats in Remaining Fantasy 8 isn’t by leveling, however by becoming a member of. By becoming a member of the various guardian forces that seem all through the sport, gamers can enhance their characters’ stats relying on how they want to distribute them. Whereas any character can enhance pace this manner, Irvine is most probably to have the very best potential pace.

5 Locke Cole – Remaining Fantasy 6

FF6 Locke Cole

The eponymous treasure hunter Locke Cole is one in every of a myriad of characters that seem all through Remaining Fantasy 6and out of all of them he’s the quickest, with a pace stat of 40. Whereas magic tools can actually be used to extend stats, there may be little or no magic that helps enhance pace.

Pace ​​determines how shortly the ATB gauge fills up, which means quicker characters can take turns extra typically. With only a few methods to extend Pace ​​and stats not rising at larger ranges, Locke’s excessive Pace ​​might be very worthwhile in a pinch.

4 Zidane Tribal – Remaining Fantasy 9

FF9 Tribal Zidane

Vivid thief Zidane Tribal is unsurprisingly the quickest character among the many forged of Remaining Fantasy 9. Statistics in Remaining Fantasy 9 does not enhance a lot with simply ranges, however Zidane nonetheless manages to beat the remainder of the forged along with his 32 pace.

Gear performs an necessary position in character growth, because it improves stats and likewise teaches characters new talents. The gear can assist Zidane enhance his pace as much as the utmost of fifty, which not solely permits him to take turns quicker, but additionally improves the injury of his Thievery ability.

3 Edge Geraldine – Remaining Fantasy 4

FF4 Edge Geraldine

Eblan’s Ninja Prince is a shoo-in for the quickest character in Remaining Fantasy 4along with his base pace reaching 54 by the point he reaches degree 70. Pace ​​in Remaining Fantasy 4 not solely will increase the speed at which the ATB gauge fills, but additionally the speed at which spells are forged. This provides Edge a boon when utilizing his varied ninjutsu expertise.

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Remaining Fantasy 4 has a novel mechanic the place characters past degree 70 will begin receiving random stat boosts. For Edge, who already has extraordinarily excessive Pace, this could imply that his Pace ​​can attain 99 supplied he’s extraordinarily fortunate along with his development.

2 Rikku – Remaining Fantasy 10

Rikku FF10

Remaining Fantasy 10not like most Remaining Fantasy video games, is solely turn-based. In consequence, Agility doesn’t decide how briskly the ATB gauge strikes however what number of turns a personality will get. A personality with significantly excessive Agility might doubtlessly acquire a number of turns earlier than an enemy might even get one.

Whereas the sphere grid can doubtlessly enable any character to realize the entire completely different talents and stat boosts obtainable, Rikku’s path on the grid sports activities essentially the most Agility nodes, giving him an Agility of 60. as soon as she will get all of the Agility nodes on her means. Whereas all characters can finally max out the complete grid and max out agility, Rikku would be the quickest celebration member within the sport for a very long time.

1 Purple XIII – Remaining Fantasy 7


As in lots of video games, Dexterity determines how shortly a personality’s ATB gauge fills up, in addition to their bodily evasion. Statistics in Remaining Fantasy 7 have random growths, which suggests the identical character could have barely completely different stats all through completely different video games.

Whereas this variation could trigger variations in precise outcomes, Purple XIII is theoretically the quickest character within the sport, along with his Dexterity sometimes hovering between 71 and 78. Together with his extremely excessive Dexterity stat, Purple XIII isn’t solely the quickest character within the sport, however one of many quickest characters within the franchise.

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