Festival of Wonders 2023 [Winter] cosplay gallery

After a snowy and gloomy Friday and a public vacation on Saturday, cosplayers had been prepared for the gorgeous climate of Marvel Pageant 2023 [Winter]. There have been definitely a variety of disguise of older works on the occasion, however should you appeared round there was a variety of new franchise additionally represented. Here is what we noticed at this 12 months’s Winter Marvel Pageant.

Denji hybrid type from Chainsaw Man. Cosplayer: Tsukasu

Makima’s Chainsaw Man. Cosplayer: Runaluna.cos

Katsuki Bakugo’s my hero academia. Cosplayer: Mike

Miorine Rembran (left), Suletta Mercury (middle) and Elan Ceres (proper) of Cellular Go well with Gundam: The Witch of Mercury. Cosplayer: Rita (LEFT), Ebine (middle), nameless

Guel Jeturk of Cellular Go well with Gundam: The Witch of Mercury. Cosplayer: Yu-ya

Ritsuko Akagi (left) and Misato Katsuragi (proper) from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Cosplayer: nameless (left) and Yomogui

Personal Torumekia (left), Kushana (middle left) Nausicaa (middle proper), Asbel (proper) of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Cosplayer: hachibee (LEFT), Hikari Andō (middle left), Yuko (Middle-right), Konio (LAW)

Totoro Since My Neighbor Totoro. Cosplayer: Aono 26go

Giyu Tomioka from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Cosplayer: Abouyan

Sol Badguy from Responsible Tools. Cosplayer: Sorone

Kazuma of s.CRY.ed. Cosplayer: Hikaru

Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s Weird Journey. Cosplayer: Daisuke

Jolyne Cujoh from JoJo’s Weird Journey: Ocean of Stone. Cosplayer: Megu Megu

JAV-98 Ingram’s Cellular Police Patlaboration. Cosplayer: tomi

Arale Norimaki from Dr. Droop. Cosplayer: Shotororoi

Son Goku’s dragonball. Cosplayer: Anko Sakura

Ai-chan (left) and Gan-chan (proper) from yatterman. Cosplayer: Aira Suzuki (left) and Aki (LAW)

uncle of Uncle from one other world. Cosplayer: Hansyu

Bayonet of Bayonet. Cosplayer: nobite

shion of This time I obtained reincarnated as a Slime. Cosplayer: Yuzuki

Fireplace Emblem (left) and Dragon Child (proper) from tiger and rabbit. Cosplayer: Tsururine (left) and Namikaze Yo-yo (LAW)

Kite from .To hack//. Cosplayer: Nao

Earl Brocken (proper), Dr Hell (centre) and Baron Ashura (proper) of Mazinger-Z. Cosplayer: Marin-san (LEFT), Love (middle), and Yo-yo kick (LAW)

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