7 Cutest Final Fantasy Enemies

THE Ultimate Fantasy The sequence is residence to a number of the finest enemies in JRPG historical past. Every entry within the sequence options an array of weird enemies for gamers to defeat throughout their playthrough, and whereas defeating most of them is straightforward sufficient, inflicting harm on a choose few can usually really feel merciless.

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That is largely as a result of approach some enemies are designed; people who look menacing are normally fairly straightforward to assault, however cute enemies are one other story. In a special world, these lovable creatures might need been pets or companions, however in Ultimate Fantasythey should be fought.


7 Mover – Disaster Core: Ultimate Fantasy 7 Reunion

By finishing the non-obligatory missions in Disaster Core: Ultimate Fantasy 7 Reunion, Zack will encounter a wide range of distinctive enemies he would not in any other case encounter. The extra missions he completes, the extra highly effective the enemies turn out to be, however not all of them are as scary as you would possibly count on.

The Mover enemy is arguably probably the most harmful enemies of all Disaster Core: Ultimate Fantasy 7 Reunion; he has a particularly excessive protection and can be in a position to solid very highly effective spells. By that description alone, one would count on the Mover to look fairly sinister, but it surely does not; the Mover is nothing greater than an orange bouncing ball with two little dots for eyes. The Mover was additionally fairly cute within the unique Disaster Core: Ultimate Fantasy 7however her upgraded look within the remake is far softer.

6 Daigoro – World of Ultimate Fantasy

Daigoro in World of Final Fantasy

A lot of the characters in Ultimate Fantasy World are designed to be fairly cute, even when they aren’t on the identical facet because the protagonist. This description also can apply to enemies fought on the bottom, all of which are usually lovable in a method or one other.

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Daigoro made his first look in Ultimate Fantasy 10, the place he served as Yojimbo’s loyal canine companion. At any time when Yojimbo wished, Daigoro would rush Tidus and his companions, inflicting severe harm. Whereas this model of Daigoro is undeniably cute, it is extra approachable. Ultimate Fantasy World the design is barely cuter.

5 Tonberry – Ultimate Fantasy 7 Remake

A Tonberry in the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Though the Tonberry is a recurring enemy within the Ultimate Fantasy sequence, her look can change considerably relying on which entry she seems in. For essentially the most half, a lot of its design will stay the identical, however the sensible styling used to carry it to life in Ultimate Fantasy 7 Remake served to make him a lot cuter than some other title he is appeared in.

In Ultimate Fantasy 7 Remake, Cloud, Tifa, and Barret encounter the Tonberry throughout an argument with Don Corneo’s lackeys. Apparently, Corneo’s males purchased the Tonberry on the black market in hopes that he may defeat Cloud and his buddies. Throughout the battle, the Tonberry will slowly wander across the area brandishing a small knife. Longtime followers of the sequence will know easy methods to preserve a protected distance from such an enemy, however newcomers might not have the ability to assist themselves given the great thing about the Tonberry.

4 Fury – Ultimate Fantasy 12

Fury in Final Fantasy 12

The Necrohol of Nabudis in Ultimate Fantasy 12 crawls with a number of the scariest and strongest enemies in all Ultimate Fantasy. Whereas it’s attainable to enter this deserted capital fairly early within the recreation, it might be unwise as a result of horrors lurking there.

Contained in the Necrohol of Nabudis awaits three non-obligatory bosses, two of which should be defeated to unlock the battle in opposition to Chaos. Firstly of the battle in opposition to Fury, a Catoblepas enemy will put together to hurry the social gathering, solely to be defeated by an lovable purple dreamhare. In keeping with his description, this little rabbit is possessed by a “wrathful spirit”, however this trait doesn’t detract from the creature’s cuteness.

3 Regaltrice – Ultimate Fantasy 15

Regaltrice in Final Fantasy 15

After accepting the Lovable Little Gluttons Hunt at Ultimate Fantasy 15, Noctis and his companions are to embark on a journey to Cleigne, a mountainous area of Eos. As soon as there, they’re going to encounter an enemy generally known as Regaltrice, a pink-feathered bird-like creature that has a number of distinctive talents.

In keeping with The Hunt, Regaltrices not often pose a menace to civilization, however once they spawn in ample numbers, they’ll go away their habitat and wreak havoc throughout the land. To forestall this from occurring, Noctis should cull species till just a few stay. Whereas it is sensible to do that, it may be difficult to do attributable to how cute these child birds are usually.

2 Yan – Ultimate Fantasy 9

Yan in Final Fantasy 9

Whereas taking part in by means of a Ultimate Fantasy title, gamers will encounter a wide array of intimidating enemies, however not all of them might be trying to inflict harm. Some search to reside a peaceable life and solely seem in battle to request sure gadgets from the protagonists.

In Ultimate Fantasy 9, there are two variants of the Yan; one is aggressive and can assault relentlessly, whereas the opposite is a peaceable man who asks Zidane and his buddies for a diamond. Parting with valuables simply because an enemy asks for it does not sound like a really rewarding trade, but it surely’s exhausting to say no to Yan’s lovable face.

1 Nutkin – Ultimate Fantasy 5

Nutkin in Final Fantasy 5

Ultimate Fantasy 5 is extensively considered probably the most troublesome Ultimate Fantasy titles ever created. At first look, most of the recreation’s hardest enemies look like commonplace JRPG enemies, however the technique required to beat the vast majority of them is in contrast to anything within the sequence.

Nutkin enemies, nonetheless, are lovable exceptions. Bartz can encounter these enemies fairly early in Ultimate Fantasy 5, however they’re largely discovered inside Jachol’s cave later within the story. There, alongside their extra menacing counterparts, the Cranium Eater and Soul Eater, the Nutkins are revealed to be nothing greater than harmless creatures who merely discover themselves in dangerous firm. They appear to be territorial creatures that solely assault to guard their acorns, so animal lovers might need to keep away from Jachol’s Cave in the event that they want to see these lovable creatures thrive.

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